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Welcome to NIDO Support.

Welcome to NIDO Support.


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What is NIDO?2019-05-16T15:54:53+02:00

NIDO is the first computer for soilless cultivation, it is able to monitor, program and automate all the processes needed for plant management.

What will I find in the box when you purchase NIDO?2019-06-06T08:47:53+02:00

Purchasing NIDO includes the following parts:


    Hydraulic connection:
  • 2 Wall pass connections + connections for connection pipes + water inlet filter
  • Plug-in valves for NIDO
  • 4 hose clamps
  • 2 meters of connection pipe

  • 1 Milwaukee PH probe
  • EC probe + TEMP NIDO
  • 2.5 meter cable + professional temperature/humidity probe
  • Optical water level probe

  • 1 NIDO Access Point to attach to Ethernet cable or modem / switch
  • 1 Network connection cable
  • 1 NIDO Access Point power supply

  • 1 Smart Plug for device control (light or extractor or irrigation)
  • 1 Probe cleaning brush
  • 2 NIDO clamps for binding tubes and connections
  • 1 tip D.30 to make the water pass-through hole
  • 1 tip D.11 to make the water level sensor hole
What do I need to install NIDO in my hydroponic system?2019-05-16T15:45:41+02:00

Purchasing NIDO includes the following parts:

  • 1 drill to drill the holes in the tub
  • An internet connection nearby (ethernet connection or ethernet cable for connecting the NIDO Access Point up to 10 meters away from the installation)

On which hydroponic systems can NIDO work?2019-06-04T09:06:31+02:00

NIDO can work on all closed-circuit hydroponic / aeroponic systems with a total amount of nutrient solution ranging from a minimum of 20 liters to a maximum of 2500 total liters.

Can I use any type of nutrient?2019-05-16T15:42:16+02:00

Only non-dense mineral nutrients can be used, which can be used with dosing peristaltic pumps, the use of too dense fertilizers can cause obstructions in the internal hydraulic circuit making NIDO unusable. For pre-configured recipes use only original NIDO fertilizers. Do not use organic fertilizers.

Can I use any type of acid for pH-?2020-06-24T21:47:10+02:00

Use ONLY phosphoric acid below 20% concentration, NEVER introduce other types of acids in NIDO.

How often should I calibrate/replace the probes?2019-05-16T15:40:39+02:00

Only the pH probe needs calibration (every 3 months) and replacement (about every 15 months). The procedure is simple and intuitive and takes a few minutes.

Can NIDO work disconnected from the internet?2019-05-16T15:39:34+02:00

No, NIDO is manageable and usable only when connected to the internet.

Is it safe to use NIDO via the internet?2019-05-28T11:58:44+02:00

Yes, all user data is protected according to the latest privacy regulations and the NIDO encryption system with server abroad allows total protection on usage.

How long is the product warranty?2019-05-16T15:37:50+02:00

NIDO guarantee covers the product from manufacturing defects for a period of 24 months. The pH probe being a “consumable” product has a 90-day warranty.

What happens if I have an energy blackout?2019-05-28T12:07:52+02:00

When electricity returns, NIDO will automatically turn on and resume working with the calendar and settings you specified. Nothing will be lost.

What happens if I have temporary problems with my internet connection at home?2019-05-28T12:08:15+02:00

NIDO will continue to work according to the calendar you set. If the blackout is particularly long you may see gaps in the historical graphs, but the automatic growth will not be affected.

Can I buy Smart Plug NIDO even later?2019-05-28T12:08:36+02:00

Of course, you can buy a NIDO Smart Plug whenever you want and easily connect it to your NIDO thanks to automatic recognition.

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